Abhishek Malhan: One of the Famous You Tuber

Abhishek Malhan

This is a generation of social media. As there are a lot of social influencers on social media. Many of them got a lot of work in songs and TV shows. People follow them madly. Their fan following is next level. They all do fan meets. In those fan meets it happened many times that the crowd was so much in numbers that the influencers cancelled the event. The greatest platform that gave great fame and popular identification. The famous influencers have millions of subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on Instagram as well. They do make a lot of money through this. Their income is none less than any Bollywood star. So today our article is influenced by one of the very famous influencers Abhishek Malhan.

He is a well-known personality and his fan following has also increased in the past few years. He also featured in some songs and in a great web show. There are a lot of things that we will be sharing with you through this article. We did a deep research on him and will mention all the necessary details and facts about him. Many of you follow him for sure so if you want to know about him in deep and some hidden facts as well then be part of this article till the last word. So let’s go through this article.

About Abhishek Malhan

Abhishek Malhan is one of the very popular social media influencers. He uploads vlogs and videos of games while playing them. Abhishek is known as Fukra Insaan by the people as his YouTube channel name is Fukra Insaan. He does not have only one YouTube channel. Abhishek runs 3 YouTube channels. One is Fukra Insaan the other is Fukra Insaan Live and Malhan Records. He was born on 24th May 1997 in Delhi. He completed his schooling at Lancer Convent School. Abhishek went to Delhi College of Arts and Commerce for graduation. He completed his bachelor’s in commerce (B COM). Abhishek is also a passionate songwriter. He wrote some songs. Moreover, he is a rapper as well. His subscribers on YouTube are 9.9 million.

Not only this if we talk about his family then almost everyone in his family makes vlogs on YouTube. His mother is also a YouTuber. Abhishek brother is also a YouTuber and not a normal one. His brother is a very popular YouTuber. Abhishek brother is known as Triggered Insaan. His YouTube channel is named Triggered Insaan which is why he is known as Triggered Insaan. Triggered Insaan’s original name is Nischay Malhan. Abhishek Malhan also has 1 sister whose name is Prerna Malhan. His father name is Vinay Malhan. None of in his family depend on another person for the income. His father is also a businessman. If we talk about Abhishek Malhan’s height, then he is 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

Abhishek Malhan Career

Abhishek Malhan started his career on YouTube in 2019 and gained fame. Both the brothers are damn famous. His popularity has grown more since he entered the house of Big Boss. He was the runner-up of Big Boss OTT 2023. Then he was seen on Temptation Island. He was not a permanent contestant there; he just gave a guest appearance in a few episodes. In 2021 he was featured in Big Life, Fly High, dreamer, and Tum mere. He was an actor in these songs and he also rapped in this song. Then comes the year 2022. This year also many of his songs were released. Again his role was an actor and a rapper in the song. The name of the song is Meme Song, the other one is Rahaan, the next one is Ranjha, then comes Fake Love, and last but not the least Flex. In 2002.

2023 became a more successful year for Abhishek Malhan in the music industry. His 8 songs were released in this year. Let’s know about the names of the songs so they are Ek Mulaqat and Din Te Raat. and Judaaiyan. In all these 3 songs he was featured as an actor nothing else. Then sequel of Tum mere, the sequel of Big Life, Arsaa, and Noori. He was an actor in these songs also but he also did rap in these songs.

Abhishek Malhan
Abhishek Malhan


Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan got so much popularity in a short time. He also collaborated with many famous personalities. He also runs game streaming on his YouTube channel. Gaming is a great content on YouTube which is in trend also. He collaborated with one of the very famous personalities on YouTube whose name is Carry Minati but his real name is Ajay Nagar. Abhishek never said anything about his girlfriends. When he was in Big Boss so many people said that there was something between him and Manish Rani and some said that there was a love angle going on between Abhishek and Jiya Sharma. He said that everything is a rumor and there is nothing like everyone is saying. Further, he said that Manisha is like her sister and Jiya is her good friend nothing else.

Hope this article was interesting to read. Thank you for being one of the persons who showed their interest in reading our article. We will be meeting for sure in the new article comprising more amazing and interesting facts. Till then stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned.


  • His net worth is $1.5 million.
  • He bought a house of 25 crores recently
  • There are 1.2 million followers of Abhishek Malhan on Instagram
  • His total YouTube views are 1.50 billion.

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