Genesis Cinema: A Detailed Overview

Genesis Cinema

The cinema named Genesis Cinema has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years. Further, we will discuss how timely this cinema has amended itself. If you are keen to know more about this cinema, then reading this article till the end is a must to consider. Hence, stay connected with this blog to get to know each and every aspect. While we are spitting facts, will try to elaborate as much as we can possibly do. Come along and let’s embark on this article ahead put yourself into it and continue reading.

What is Genesis Cinema?

Genesis Cinema is a cinema based in London, England. Further, it is located on Mile Road, east London. Moreover, this is an independent cinema held by Tyrone Walker-Hebbron. A prior roofer in the construction business. He converted the unemployed cinema and re-established it as the Genesis Cinema. It opened in 1999, as of now 25 years before. The building consists of five screens and several varieties of amenities within the building. Furthermore, the services are an art gallery, a bar, a cafeteria, a kitchen, and a wide space to hire gigs and events. In addition, it won the Best United Kingdom in the cinema of the year, in the category of small operator. The cinema banged the position of 42 out of the 50 in the world of Time Out Magazine.

Mile End Road, London, E1 4UJ

Phone number: 020 7780 2000

Booking Number: 0207780 2023

Transport: Tube: Stepney Green/Whitechapel

Genesis Cinema: What is the key history that you need to know?

The Cinema building was originally opened as a pub in 1848 however later it turned into a music hall. Evidence, it had a large open space for music hall entertainment. It had the chance that it was managed by Wilton’s friend. After that, the building was bought by Williams Lusby. He opened this building as a Lusby’s music hall and temple of varieties. Further, it is a very well-known entertainment venue with many playbills. Moreover, in 1877, they re-opened aa Lusby’s summer and winter palace. It had a huge space with guests sitting over 5000. It’s a kind of open outdoor garden. However, Lusby sell the venue to Charles Spencer Crowder and George Adney Payne.

They made the deal for £25000. At this time, it is somewhere around £3 million. In fact, they kept the name after one year they extended gardens and demonstrated to be the largest and best-ventilated hall in London. Unfortunately, in 1984, the venue burned in the fire and the owners fired new architect Frank Matcham to design a new building, which later opened in 1885 under the name of Paragon Theatre of Varieties.

When the theatre ran at its peak, they stared many stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Hardy and many more. In addition, as time passed, in 1912, the cinema started showing cinema. However, it was closed in 1989 till its reopening in 1999 under the name of Genesis Cinema. Indeed, it is the oldest cinema in East London. In 2020, due to COVID-19, cinemas were shut for the first time since WWII. When all the things got safe and secured, the team opened their first screen with new seating. They opened with government guidelines to support the government.

A brief about Venue: Genesis Cinema

To get into the cinema and to the box office, on the way there is a coffee counter, a kiosk, and a toilet. Further, the main doors open toward you and are of double width. Moreover, the doors are heavy with a width of 147 cm wide. The box office is 4 meters from the entrance and 4 meters high. Furthermore, the lighting is bright and with background music.

Screens 2,3 and studios 4, and 5 are accessible via a ramp. In fact, the gallery is also accessible via a ramp. Screen 1 bar paragon and the kitchen are all upstairs. There is no facility for lifts which means the only way to go upstairs is via stairs. All screens have space for a wheelchair.

Food and drink available inside Genesis Cinema

Food and drink are ordered from each service counter and allowed to take food and drink inside the screen. However, the full table service is not available but it can be brought up to the table with the request. Menus are clearly written on the black text screen. The culinary which get are Pizza, hot dogs, and pie and mash. The kiosk offers nachos, popcorn, and many other snacks.


There is a unisex toilet placed on the ground flooring. Further, it is somewhat leftward from the Kiosk counter. There is no key required to access the toilet. Moreover, the disposal facilities are also available in the cubicle.


FactsMonday to ThursdayFriday to Sunday
Children under 14£6.00£6.00
Senior over 60£6.75£9.00
Family (each person)£6.00£6.00
Studios 4+5£9.50£13.50


The address is Mile End Road, London, E1 4UJ. The closest tube stations are Whitechapel and Stepney Green. The buses number that connects here include 25, 205, 106, 254, N253, and 309.

Genesis Cinema
Genesis Cinema

Final words

We have provided you the enough detail regarding the Genesis Cinema from history to pricing in details. Surely, this transports to the end of this blog and if you have come with us by reading along and found it informational then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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