Golden Hour lyrics by JVKE & meaning behind it

Golden Hour lyrics


Golden Hour lyrics: Hello there, we hope that everything has been going well with you all. Are you someone who is obsessed with music and enjoys it? Also, during your music explorations did you happen to come upon this track titled Golden Hour by the American singer JVKE? And, would you be interested in getting to know more about this song in detail? Well, then this blog is just for you and you are at the right place.

In this blog, we plan to tell you all about this song that you need to know. We will discuss the song, the artist, the lyrics, meaning behind those lyrics and much more. Hence, this is going to be very entertaining for you all. However, not just that as we are going to be very elaborate you will find this blog full of interesting information. For the same reasons, you should consider reading this till the end. Surely, you will enjoy it.

Song overview & details of “Golden Hour” by JVKE (Golden Hour lyrics)

SONG NAME– “Golden Hour”

GENRE– pop

DURATION: 3 minutes and 29 seconds



SONGWRITERS: Jacob Lawson and Zac Lawson


RELEASE DATE– 15th July 2022


ALBUM– “This Is What ____ Feels Like (Vol. 1–4)”

YOUTUBE VIEWS: 173 million-plus views on official music video

SPOTIFY STREAMS– 99 million-plus streams

Golden Hour lyrics: About the song “Golden Hour” by JVKE

Golden Hour is one of the viral and relevant tracks from the year 2022. This is a song by JVKE, a famous American musician. Evidently, it was released on 15th of July 2022. Furthermore, even though it was a solo release, this song is part of JVKE’s album titled This is what dash feels like. Specifically, it is the third track on the album. Furthermore, a major reason behind this song’s success is that it went Viral on the short form content platform TikTok later in 2022. Thereafter, this song became popular and went on to become an international hit track. Evidently, AWAL is the record label behind this song’s release along with the album. Whereas, the credit for this song’s music production goes to JVKE and Zvc. Also, Jacob Lawson and Zac Lawson are the songwriters of this song.

Track list of the album “This Is What ____ Feels Like (Vol. 1–4)” by JVKE (Golden Hour Lyrics)

  • ​this is what falling in love feels like
  • ​moon and back
  • golden hour
  • ​this is what heartbreak feels like
  • ​I’m not okay
  • ghost town
  • ​this is what sadness feels like
  • ​wonder if she loves me
  • save your breath
  • ​this is what falling out of love feels like
  • ​catch me
  • ​I can’t help it

Who is JVKE? (Golden Hour Lyrics)

JVKE is his stage name/artist name which is his popular identity. However, his official birth name is Jacob Dodge Lawson. Furthermore, he was born on 3rd March 2001. Evidently, his birthplace is Rhode Island, USA. Currently, he is a 22-year-old individual. Meanwhile, he is an American singer, songwriter, producer as well as a social media personality/influencer. Professionally, he is known as JVKE and it is pronounced as Jake. Mostly, he is known and popular for making pop music. In fact, he embarked on his music journey back in 2020. Currently, he has an ongoing record deal with the label named AWAL. Lastly, he has also won the Social Star Award in 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Commercial performance and achievements of this song (Golden Hour Lyrics)

Following are the weekly chart performances of the track Golden Hour that it managed to acclaim during its first week of release:

Australia (ARIA) – 29

Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) – 57

Canada (Canadian Hot 100) – 19

Germany (Official German Charts) – 66

Global 200 (Billboard) – 13

Ireland (IRMA) – 25

Japan Digital Singles (Oricon) – 26

Japan Hot Overseas (Billboard Japan) – 4

Netherlands (Single Top 100) – 62

New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) – 22

Norway (VG-lista) – 33

Philippines (Billboard) – 25

Portugal (AFP) – 32

Singapore (RIAS) – 2

Sweden Heat seeker (Sverigetopplistan) – 8

Switzerland (Schweizer Hit parade) – 47

UK Singles (OCC) – 19

UK Indie (OCC) – 3

US Billboard Hot 100 – 10

United state Adult Contemporary (Billboard) – 18

US Adult Top 40 (Billboard) – 13

US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard) – 10

Vietnam (Vietnam Hot 100) – 7

Below are the Year-end chart performances for “Golden Hour”:

Australia (ARIA) – 57

Canada (Canadian Hot 100) – 38

Global 200 (Billboard) – 21

New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) – 48

UK Singles (OCC) – 71

US Billboard Hot 100 – 41

United state Adult Top 40 (Billboard) – 48

US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard) – 33

Meaning behind the Golden Hour lyrics by JVKE

Basically, this song can be described as a love anthem. Furthermore, the golden Hour Lyrics talk about a picture-perfect moment and feeling between a couple. Also, the lyrics represent a special feeling and a time when something just feels right to an individual. A moment where time seems to slow down and love starts to bring light into your life. Evidently, the lyrics depict the journey of finding your “other half” or “the one”. The one you would want to spend your life with. Lastly, the lyrics also tell the listeners to embrace all the moments that make them feel alive and joyful.

Golden Hour lyrics
Golden Hour lyrics

Full lyrics of the song Golden Hour by JVKE are given below (GOLDEN HOUR LYRICS)

[Verse 1]

It was just two lovers

Sittin’ in the car, listenin’ to Blonde

Fallin’ for each other

Pink and orange skies, feelin’ super childish

No Donald Glover

Missed call from my mother

Like, “Where you at tonight?”

Got no alibi


I was all alone with the love of my life

She’s got glitter for skin

My radiant beam in the night

I don’t need no light to see you



It’s your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

You slow down time

In your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

[Verse 2]

We were just two lovers

Feet up on the dash, drivin’ nowhere fast

Burnin’ through the summer

Radio on blast, make the moment last, she got solar power

Minutes feel like hours

She knew she was the baddest

Can you even imagine fallin’ like I did?


For the love of my life

She’s got glow on her face

A glorious look in her eyes

My angel of light

I was all alone with the love of my life

She’s got glitter for skin

My radiant beam in the night

I don’t need no light to see you



It’s your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

You slow down time

In your golden hour (Oh-oh-oh)

[Instrumental Outro]


Indeed, this is a beautiful track. And, this song going viral on TikTok helped many to find this masterpiece. Evidently, this song is loved by many because of how beautifully this song covers the topic of love. And this brings us to the end of today’s blog. We hope that you got entertained by reading this far and enjoyed it. Moreover, we tried to be as detailed and elaborate as possible. Therefore, you must have found this blog packed with information catching your attention. Lastly, if these kinds of blogs are interesting for you, please consider checking out some of our other ones as well. You might find something of your interest.

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