How to Redeem an Apple Gift Card on Your Devices?

How to redeem an apple gift card

Are you pondering how to redeem an Apple gift card? Well, Apple gift cards are widely known for their existence, for instance, games, products, applications, accessories, music, TV shows, and many more. Furthermore, the Apple Card is also to used in the Apple app store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Books, and other Apple applications. It is commonly said that if Apple sells blank paper with its logo, it will sell within months. Because of its brand name which carries a lot of potential across the globe. The Apple gift card was recently introduced by the company that would be used to purchase everything at Apple. So, it’s very normal to be keen about what it’s all about. This article will offer you all the insights about Apple gift cards.

Through this article, learn more about how to check and buy, its type and many more. Read this article till the end to get all the relevant information regarding Apple gift cards. Let’s start this article forward.

What is an Apple Gift card?

The possibilities with an Apple gift card are now improved. Further users can use Apple gift cards to buy product accessories, apps, games, music movies, TV shows, and many more. The Apple gifts provide you access to everything in the App Store. Plus, you can even access it from any device of Apple such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many others. Furthermore, The company provides different types of Apple gift cards to their user, such as Apple gift cards, Apple Store gift cards, and App Store, & iTunes gift cards.

What are the types of Apple gift cards?

App Store and iTunes gift card

This one is mainly used on the iTunes store. Further, this will be used to buy applications and games or pay for in-app purchases. Both on the front and back sides it has a blue pattern.

Apple app gift store

This one is used to make purchases at the Site store and Apple website. Moreover, it can be used to buy products such as iPhones, MacBooks, laptops, iPads, and many more. Further, they will be available in different colours such as grey, silver and gold colour.

Apple gift card

Users can use this gift card on both App Store and iTunes along with Apple Store gift cards. In addition, you can use this type of gift card to make payments for subscriptions on the app and Apple product purchases.

what are the uses of Apple gift cards?

There are various things that users can enjoy with an Apple gift card. Here are some services that you can access through an Apple gift card.

Apple subscription payment

It offers premium content for users to enjoy. Many users have experienced issues with using credit cards on the payment option of the app. Users can also access unlimited music streams on Apple Music. You can also subscribe to Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

Purchase apps and in-app items.

The cards are generally used to buy applications and games from the iTunes Store. By using an Apple gift card, you can easily download your favourite video games.

iCloud storage payment

It helps the user to back up their files safely and securely on several devices. However, users can access the premium features of iCloud by making payments through an Apple gift card.

Purchase movies and books

Users can access unlimited entertainment such as movies and games in the store. Use your Apple gift card to make payment.

Where To Redeem an Apple Gift Card?

Physical and digital Apple products and accessories

Games and subscriptions on Apple Arcade

Music on iTunes

Apps available on Apple Store

Movies and TV shows on Apple TV+

iCloud storage

Ebooks on Apple Books

How to buy an Apple gift card?

How to redeem an Apple gift card?

First of all, locate the six-digit code on the back of your gift card.

After that, launch the App Store on your iPhone.

Further, on the top right of the screen, locate the sign-in button and subsequently click on the sign button.

Click on the redeem gift card or code.

Click on the used camera and go through the instructions that will be provided on your screen. Thereafter, click on the code manually and follow the instructions that will be provided to fill up your card information.

How to redeem an Apple gift card on an Android device?

Initially, check your 16-digit code that will be shown on the gift card.

Thereafter launch the Apple music app.

Then click on the menu button and subsequently, select account.

Click on the redeem gift card or code.

Fill up your 16-digit code and then click redeem.

How to add an Apple card to your Apple wallet?

Launch the wallet app.

If you haven’t an Apple account. go to the home screen of your wallet app. Next, click on the plus button that will be present in the upper right corner and choose Add Apple account to Wallet.

Then your account balance will appear on your screen and tap on agree.

Now you can access your wallet app from your home screen.

Tap the “three dots” in the upper screen corner and choose to redeem.

Click on the “Use camera” follow the instructions that will be provided on the screen and enter the code manually to input the information.

How to redeem an apple gift card
How to redeem an apple gift card

Final words

Use the Apple gift card to purchase products, apps, games, music, movies, accessories, and many more. You can spend your gift card in any app store location such as the App Store, and subscriptions like music, iCloud+, and many more. It is very evident to buy any products and services. Further, it carries us to the finish of this blog and if you enjoyed the content of this editorial then let us know with your comments. Toddles!

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