Lola Brooke Age: Great and Emerging Rapper

Lola Brooke Age

Today our topic is very special and we know that you will love this article because we are going to share about an American rapper. So we will the spotlight on Lola Brooke Age. Moreover, we will share a lot of things about her. Many of you are aware about her and her work. Moreover, you also love to listen to her music and vibe on it. You may say what is the need to know about her but deep down we all know that when you love somebody’s work and you are a fan of an actor, singer, or any celebrity then you want to know about her many things. So you are at the right place. So the wait is over the article is here.

Physical Stats of Lola Brooke

Height is an essential part of the physique but as Lola Brooke is a rapper and not an actor so her height does not bother her in her work. Lola Brooke’s height is 4 feet and 10 inches. Her hair colour is black. She has attractive brown eyes. Lola Brooke weighs around 56 kg. The main part of the physical is body measurements. Lola Brooke’s body measurements are 32-24-36. If talk about her cup size then it is B. She has a dark complexion. Moreover, her shoe size is 7 in number.

Family and Relationships

Many of the celebrities want to keep their personal life private. Lola Brooke is also one of those celebrities who do not share much about her family. She faced a hard time when her father whose name was Dennis passed away when Lola Brooke was just 8 years old. It is an obvious thing when somebody loses her one of the parents or the parents at a very young age then it is very hard for that person to live the life in a great way. Because parents are a sort of safe corner in this harsh world. After Lola Brooke lost her father then her mother was the one who stood by her and brought her up in a great manner.

She provided her everything that’s why Lola is a successful rapper now. You always need that support. Her mother’s name is unknown to most of the people but as we always do deep research to share those unknown details with our audience so we got to know that her mother’s name is Teesha. Moreover, we found one of the names related to her and that is Jah. Jah is Lola Brooke’s cousin. She spends a good time with Jah. As there is always somebody with whom you feel safe, and happy, and with whom you can share your every secret and every moment. So in Lola’s life, that person is Jah. Now if we talk about her relationship then according to the reports she is not in a relationship with anybody. It means she is single.

Academic Career of Lola Brooke

Education is a necessary part of the life. If you are an educated person then you will be seen with more respect by the society. So Lola Brooke is also an educated rapper. She was raised by her mother very well her mother even supported her with her passion for rapping. She also gave a good education to her daughter. However, there is not much information available about her education. Still, we got to know that she completed her schooling at a normal school in the U.S.A. Moreover, she completed her higher education at the University of the U.S.A. She is a graduate and also holds a degree in that.

Music Career of Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke was passionate about rap from a very young age. She worked in a lot of music albums. Some of her works are Cash Out, My Bop, Dummy Ummy, Gator Season, Just Relax, Pit Stop, and So Disrespectful. All her work which we mentioned in the previous sentence Lola played the lead singer in those songs. Now let’s talk about some of the work in which she worked as an artist only who gave her music to these albums. So those songs are It’s for me, Conceited, Yeah Yeah, No Angles, Off Top, Beama, and many more.

So these are some of her work which we shared with you and you might have heard many of them. She got appreciation from many great singers and rappers as well for her work. She is a young and emerging rapper. She earned that spot in the industry in a very young age and did a great work till now. If you have not listened her songs, then once you will listen to them then you will also appreciate her work.

Social Media of Lola Brooke

You can follow her on the social media also as you will get a lot of updates about her life directly by her. Fans usually follow their favourite celebrities on social media. Now you are looking for social media handles then don’t worry we will share it with you. You can follow her Instagram handle i.e. Lola Brooke and if you use tik tok then her tik tok page name is @lolabrooke5.

Net worth

Now coming to her net worth then her net worth is not stable. It differs time to time. Still if we look at a number then her net worth falls between $600k – $1 Million.

Lola Brooke Age
Lola Brooke Age


Lastly, we only want to say that she is a great and passionate rapper. She got what she deserved. She worked for her dreams and now she has what all she wanted. Let’s meet in the next article with more amazing details. Lola Brooke age is just 30 years old. If you look at Lola Brooke age, then you will think that how somebody can be so successful in such a young age.


  • Lola Brooke was born on 1st February 1994.
  • Lola Brooke age is 30 years’ old
  • Her original name is Shyniece Thomas
  • She is also known as Big Gator

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