Picnob: Instagram Viewer, Downloader, Pros, Cons


Instagram has been a social media tool that is followed by all for various reasons. Hence, the demand for Instagram viewers and downloaders has become high. Hence, solutions like Picnob have come as they let users download and view an Instagram handle for free. So let us understand it more deeply.

What is Picnob?

Picnob is a website that lets users download Instagram reels, posts, stores and more free of cost. And then you can make it as an Instagram viewer. This means that by entering a username or URL of a profile, the website enables the home page of the profile. So the user can look at what he or has posted. These are two of the cores that make Picnob a well-known website to have. All sections of users use the website for a variety of reasons. Some download sharable content, so they can promote it ahead. Others look at it as a tool to download the content for personal and other reasons. But they do not have any official link up with Instagram. This is why it is called as a third-party website. This is why it makes the website.

Hence, the worth of Picnob becomes better for the users as there would be no official watermark on the social media platform.

Features of Picnob

  • Instagram Viewer

Picnob has an Instagram viewer that helps a user to watch any of the profiles that are open to all. But yes it can’t open private profiles at all. Otherwise, it would come under different rules and regulations that can overturn the laws in real. This is something that makes the website worthy for real.  

  • Instagram Downloader

Instagram downloader is what that works in most cases. Like a person can download reels, posts and stories for free. It means that they can download all the content that comes from the public profile. This is something our duty to tell you that if one is looking to download the content from a private profile, then it can’t be done with this tool.

  • User Interface

As per the data taken by some users, it is fair to say that Picnob has a decent user interface. It is clear on the website where to download the content and where to find the page that can open any profile. Like having two options of URL and username work in both cases for real.

Picnob Instagram opener
  • Free

The website is free to use, a key behind the fame of it. Hence, it attracts a wide range of people to use the tool as they can download the content and share it on other platforms for real. Hence, it is what is being used in the core manners and ways.

Advantages: Picnob

Here are the pros of Picnob…

  • The portal has the SSL certificate. It means they have HTTP; the added “S” helps the data of the user to be safe.
  • The website generates the revenue from the ads. Hence, they keep it free.
  • They allow all kinds of media to be posted to downloaded from Instagram.
  • Even it is accessible to open any profile on Instagram that is public.
  • It has a very simple user interface indeed.
  • The website has no payment gateway and it is a bonus in different ways.
  • Most of the time, the server of the website does not fail.

Disadvantages: Picnob

Here are the major cons of Picnob.

  • It has no official partnership with Instagram.
  • Any downloadable file can lead to malware in the system.
  • The website does not have any filter that can show the difference between shareable and non-shareable content.
  • The website lacks in terms of providing the basic points about the founder of the website. Even there is no address shared too.
  • It can be a negative side that it is not one of the top three websites in the business of Instagram viewers and downloaders.
  • The app is not promoted well.

Is it possible to download the app?  

Picnob does not have an app that can be downloaded from the APK files. It comes and then goes away. There can be some copyright issues that are preventing the platform from promoting the app and website for real.

Picnob: Is it safe?

Picnob lets the user download Instagram content. But that does not state it is safe. Possibly, any downloaded file can lead to malware entering your systems. Nowadays when there are bank accounts in a mobile phone, it can be very challenging if malware comes into the system. Instagram has no such feature for every user to download public profile content, these websites are being taken care of very well.

But then most users do not face such issues, so it makes overs think the same. But the returns are not the same for all. Sometimes it can contain a virus.

Picnob: Is it legal?

Picnob is not a legal website because they do not have approval from Instagram to tell them yes, they can allow anyone to download the content and let their home screen be viewed by a third party.

It has legal issues that tell that Instagram has to come up with a feature that can let people download the content that is meant to be shared. This way it can solve the problems and rest they can come in future to solve.  


Here are 10 alternatives that can be used if a person wants a change or Picnob does not work.

  • Inflact
  • Picuki
  • Path Social
  • Insanony
  • Webstagram
  • SaveFrom.net
  • Insta Stories Viewer
  • Privatephotoviewer
  • InstaNavigation
  • Snapinsta

Final Take

Picnob has legal issues because it is an Instagram viewer. This means that it has an issue with the laws of Instagram. But yes downloader and viewer are two ways that make it worth having. And then it is free and this makes it a win-win situation. But in the end, not having the app, where it is easy to find, is a downside. It is something they can work on for real.

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