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Playlistpush. com

However, when it comes to music, we all think of a reliable app. So, we can easily stream any music. The music applications are always oriented toward music.  And pay a good some to creators as a royalty fee. But everybody can’t be a singer or composer. And having an alternative earning route is important. You must need a platform, where you can earn points through your playlist. This platform, called Playlistpush. com., is an amazing platform for both creators and listeners. Moreover, it’s an amazing opportunity for all music lovers to have a side gig. 

About Playlistpush. com

This platform is music-oriented. Here, both creators and listeners can earn money easily. Moreover, in the contest of song creators, they earn respect and recognition. Meanwhile, individuals get to earn by curating a playlist. Also, having contributions from new artists. Usually, the curators are the groups that generate a playlist to earn. Mostly they keep track of what new music has been out recently. In addition, curators also promote them using different sources like social media. 

Moreover, this platform poses an amazing opportunity for new artists. Through this, one can avail a chance to showcase their talent to the public. Besides that, they can collaborate with curators, to promote their music. 

Therefore, this platform is equally great for artists and music curators. Here one is getting recognition and the other receives an earning opportunity. 

Playlistpush. com for Artists

It has become more difficult for artists to reach the level they deserve. Therefore, this place is perfect for new artists. So, they can get included in a top playlist on Spotify. However, depending on the music piece and genre, they can strategically approach curators. Further, they use that creation for video-making purposes. 

Moreover, by following the steps below artists can generate better statistics for themselves. 

  • By connecting with active curators, collaborating or even paying them to promote songs. 
  • Associate curators will not only make the music a part of the playlist. But also promote it on social media platforms. 
  • Videos are the best way of making your soundtrack to reach a big audience. 
  • However, the same artist can pay the video maker as well. 
  • You can also find curators based on the music genre according to your budget. 

Playlistpush. com for Curators

In today’s world, music is a delightful element that is also quite powerful. Because it makes a stressed person relaxed. Moreover, music has only been a mood lifter. But things will change from this point onwards. You can also earn by becoming a curator of music on this platform. Further, they can create a playlist for new artists and promote their songs. 

Presently, there are nearly 1000 curators enrolled in the program. Moreover, they have a sole purpose to make the new artist an unknown personality. In return, curators get a chance to earn from multiple artists. Depending on the popularity of the artist. The chances of earning will also increase automatically. 

Features of Playlistpush. com

Music Marketing Platform

  • It is a music marketing platform that connects artists with playlist curators. 
  • It carefully screens its curators to guarantee an engaged and large following.  
  • The service pays its curators to review songs. And then add them to their playlist. 
  • Furthermore, they offer a referral program for music artists that pays them money. 
  • However, curators get paid according to the number of listeners in the playlist.

Referral Program

  • If you want to make money from this app. Then, referring to your friends and colleagues is an ideal way. 
  • Because they will pay 100% of their first three months’ earnings to you. 
  • However, this app collaborates with independent artists and Spotify playlist curators. 
  • Because they can get their songs heard by potential new listeners. 

Streaming service

  • Here, it enables artists to have their songs featured in a Spotify playlist. 
  • Further, it can help musicians with new listeners and increase their popularity. 
  • Moreover, this service rewards playlist curators for listening and reviewing new music. 
  • And it makes it easier for them to monetize their playlist. 
  • According to the site, qualified curators can earn up to $12/song review. 
  • However, they must have 1000 real followers on their playlist. 

Mobile-friendly website

  • This website connects musicians with the curator who curates the playlist. 
  • Further, artists can pay the curators to have their songs in the collections. 
  • Additionally, it offers a referral program. So, artists can invite music creators and curators to the site. 
  • Further, this platform is a mobile-friendly website. Here, everyone enjoys listening to music on various devices. 
  • Moreover, it is ideal for those who lack tech proficiency. 
  • Furthermore, the platform boosts a helpful customer support team. 
  • So, they can assist you with any issue that may arise technically.  

Advantages of Playlistpush. com

  • Here, the interface of the app is user-oriented. So, understanding the platform won’t take much time. 
  • Moreover, the algorithms are easy for both artists and curators.  
  • Further, artists can collaborate with as many people as they like.

 Disadvantages of Playlistpush. com

  • However, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get any positive results. 
  • Further, the process of artists finding curators is almost automatic. It means that the control is with someone other than you. 
  • Moreover, artists won’t receive any kind of curator’s information. 
  • Data on the final report can be slightly inaccurate. 
  • Unless you do extraordinarily well, earning big from this website is not possible.
  • Streaming for earning can intervene in your love for music. 
Playlistpush. com
Playlistpush. com


In today’s world, gaining popularity has become tough for newcomers. Therefore, this Playlistpush. com platform provides you with the opportunity to become famous. It is an equally amazing destination for both music lovers and artists. This community involves these two groups, with artists finding the desirable fame. And curator some extra cash. However, there are some limitations that you should consider. 


All the information provided above is for entertainment and awareness purposes. Moreover, we try to give you some genuine information about this app. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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