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Nana Shimura


Nana Shimura: Hey there, we hope that you all are doing well. Are you an anime enthusiast? Do you like watching anime shows and movies to pass your time? Furthermore, have you recently completed watching this anime series named My Hero Academia? Lastly, are you curious to know more about this specific character from its narrative named Nana Shimura? If your response to these is yes, then we have got you covered for it. Indeed, in this blog our intention is to tell you all the information you need to know about this song. Also, while doing so we will try our best to be very elaborate and accurate. Surely, you will find this entertaining and interesting. That is why we are recommending you to not give up reading till it ends.

A famous dialogue bye Nana Shimura in the narrative of My Hero Academia

In chapter 92 of this anime series, Nana Shimura while talking to Toshinori Yagi says the following:

“When you have to save someone, they’re usually in a scary situation. A true hero saves not only their lives, but also their hearts… That’s what I believe. So no matter how scary things get, give ’em a smile, as if to say, “I’m a-ok”. The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest.”

Nana Shimura: Character Overview and Details

  • Character name: Nana Shimura
  • Anime name: My Hero Academia
  • Alias Names: Master
  • Japanese Name: 志し村むら菜な奈な
  • Occupation: Pro Hero and Seventh One For All User
  • Race: Human
  • Status: Alive
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Purple
  • Quirk: Float and One for All


  • Peak Human Condition
  • Float Quirk: Levitation
  • One For All Quirk
  • Immense Agility
  • Immense Durability
  • Immense Speed
  • Immense Stamina
  • Immense Strength
  • Power Transferal

Family and relatives:

  • Unnamed husband
  • Kotaro Shimura  (son)
  • Nao Shimura  (daughter-in-law)
  • Hana Shimura  (granddaughter)
  • Tenko Shimura (grandson)
  • Friends and allies:
  • En (predecessor)
  • Gran Torino
  • Toshinori Yagi (pupil/successor)
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Enemies: All For One
  • Type of Hero: Posthumous Mentor

Who is Nana Shimura?

Nana plays a significant role in the narrative of this anime series. In fact, it is a major character in this 2016 anime television series as well as the manga it is based on. Evidently, she is the seventh person in the narrative who attained the One for All quirk. It can be described as a stockpiling ability. Also, it is known to pass on from one individual to another. And, with each new person it goes to it gets increased in power. The reason behind this quirk existing is that to defeat All for One, a dark emperor originated from Japanese underworld. The hope behind this power is to defeat him and free Japan from under his control.

Thereafter, as the story progresses Nana even welcomed a disciple named Toshinori Yagi. In fact, she even had intentions of passing her One for All power down to him. In fact, later in the story he was the one who defeats All for One many years later. however, then came a twist. It turns out that Nana’s son who used to be estranged named Kotaro Shimura has a child. This child named Tenko Shimura ultimately becomes the successor of All for One.

All about the anime series My Hero Academia that you need to know

My Hero Academia is amongst the many popular anime series to have originated out of Japan. Evidently, the narrative of this series is based on its Manga. Moreover, this manga supposedly has the same exact title as the anime. Additionally, the writer and illustrator of this manga is Kohel Horikoshi. It is an anime TV series full of adventure, science fantasy and superhero content. Notably, this shine series was first aired on 3rd April 2016. Currently, it is still ongoing. Therefore, more seasons and episodes are to be added. Till now, this anime series has managed to accumulate a total of 138 episodes.

The narrative of this anime series has been written by Yosuke Kuroda. Whereas, various directors have worked on this anime series since it has been running. They are named Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Okubo, Masahiro Mukai and Naomi Nakayama. The studio behind it is known as Bones. And, the original network behind it is NNS after season 2 because season 1 was managed by JNN. Whereas, its English networks include the Cartoon Network, Animax and Toonami. Lastly, it has been licenced by Crunchyroll and Medialink.

Nana Shimura
Nana Shimura

Appearance of Nana Shimura in My Hero Academia

Her character is portrayed as a very attractive and beautiful woman. Evidently, she has a notable tough demeanor. She is tall in stature. Also, her body is very well built. Moreover, she has a figure full of curves. Her fit body makes her worthy to be a One for all power users. She has a skin that is fair in appearance. Whereas, she also has a mole just below her bottom lip. Her eyes are very sharp and intelligent looking. They are accompanied by long eyelashes.

Her hair seems to be very straight and is dark in colour. Evidently, she keeps her hair till shoulder length. Also, a big strand of hair falls down her forehead. Her hero costume includes a dark bodysuit that does not have any sleeves. Along with that she also styles elbow length gloves that are yellow. Down below she wears knee high boots. Lastly, she also wears a small cape attached with her shoulders.

Personality and behaviour traits of Nana Shimura

  • Kind woman
  • Strong sense of justice
  • Likes to smile
  • Empathetic
  • Emotional
  • Strong willed
  • Values bravery
  • Grateful for happiness
  • Cold and grounded attitude
  • Loving mother
  • Sinful
  • Dedicated
  • Good intentions


Indeed, this anime series has managed to gain a very dedicated and loving fanbase. A major credit for goes to its unique storyline along with its well-executed characters. Undeniably, Nana Shimura is one such character that contributed a lot to its narrative. Now we conclude this blog. We hope that we successfully provided you all the information you needed. We also expect that you got entertained by reading this far. Lastly, if you are interested in anime related content, there are more where this came from. Therefore, we recommend you considering to check out more of our blogs

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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